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About Me

My Family


My Mom, Dad and dog Kona and I live near Indian Rocks Beach a/k/a IRB.  The salt air and warm breeze off the Gulf makes IRB a great place to grow up.

Great Days


My favorite place to fish is aboard my fully equipped kayak - always ready for tight lines!

Teaching the Art


I enjoy teaching family, friends and tourists visiting our local area the Art of Fishing.  I love talking to people about what lures, bait and techniques to try out.

Sharkboy IRB Fishing


My Fishing Techniques

There are several ways to fish. One of my favorite ways to fish is to use lures. Using lures is amazing, especially if you understand that you are full out tricking the fish into thinking your lure is a real bait fish. Another one of my favorite ways to fish is to use live, natural bait. Basically all you do is cast your line out with a bait fish on the hook and wait for a bite. When you get a hit all you have to do is set the hook and feel the rush of fighting a big fish.


My Great Fishing Experiences

Some of my great fishing experiences were:  We went to the Florida Keys on a hunt for dolphin (Mahi Mahi). When we got there the weather was not so good for most of the week. The second to last day we had great weather and headed out. We saw birds diving and we ended up pulling up on a school of dolphin. At the end of the day we had 12 dolphin in the fish box. 

Another great fishing experience was in Haulover Canal at Mosquito Lagoon with my Dad and Grandfather. We were using shrimp on the bottom and hooked up. The first fish we caught was a huge Black Drum. We then caught two more Black Drum. Those were by far, some of my many great fishing experiences.


Why Fishing

Why fishing, well why not? Fishing gives me the time I need to relax and think about life. Fishing also interests me because to me, fishing is an art. in order to target and catch fish you have to be in the right place at the right time, have the right gear, right bait, and right mind set.  To all you fisherman out there tight lines and good fishin.

Fishing Video

Video of a Snook caught on SharkboyIRB homemade lure!